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Graphic tees are comfy, expressive and a wardrobe essential, but above all they are multifunctional and that’s why we love them. Open East was created for those who live life on their own terms: authentic, unafraid, and free. Our classic tees are made to blend seamlessly with your personal style and go with you wherever you are headed for years to come. All of our garments are designed and professionally screen printed with care in the ATL.


We love that classic graphic tees are a blank canvas for style and when they’re of quality like ours they get better with time.

We believe in owning less to have room for a wardrobe you love so we commit to making modern fresh pieces you’ll reach for again and again.

We don’t believe that comfort equals sloppy but our French roots make slightly disheveled and perfectly off center our most beloved look.

We love the mélange of people, styles and attitudes that collect along the East Coast and run through the South. Combined with our adoration for other cultures and countries, it influences every style we create.

We love a feminine touch that still feels neutral but mostly we believe in doing what is authentic to you.


    Heidi and Alex met while attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles where the pair quickly became a two person sisterhood. As 30-somethings who wear tee shirts with everything they wanted to create what they were looking for: a go-to place for modern, one of a kind graphic tees. With an emphasis on style over trends, quality over quantity, and being true to oneself, Open East was established in 2019.

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